Window Inserts

Offer your customers unlimited garage door window design possibilities. Torsion Plastics can color match and produce a custom fit and finish around the windows of a garage door that is normally reserved for the windows and entry doors of a home.

Customize your window options with:

  • Simulated Divided Lite (SDL)
  • Carriage Door Window Solutions
  • Pan Door Window Solutions

Aluminum Profile Extrusions

Install high-strength aluminum retainers that are designed to fit brush, vinyl or rubber seals.

  • Standard, Large and Slim-Line
  • Powder Coating and Anodizing Options Available
  • Custom Fabrication Options Available


Torsion Plastics is the leading producer of astragals in the industry.

  • Widest Selection of Designs and Materials for Any Application
  • Short Lead Times in Production
  • New TPV Material for Extreme Temperatures

Weather Seals

Expand your weather seal offering with brush, vinyl and EPDM seals.

  • Brush Weather Seals
  • Flexible and Rigid Vinyl Seals
  • EPDM Extrusions
  • DuraSeal Jamb Seals

Flex Brush Weather Seals

Made of rugged yet lightweight and pliable materials, Flex Brush weighs up to 40% less than conventional brushes and is available on reels — drastically lowering shipping costs and streamlining production.

  • Money-Saving Alternative to Metal-Back Brush Seals
  • Doesn’t Absorb Water or Freeze, Maintaining Bristle “Memory”
  • Available on Reels
  • Resistant to Most Caustics

Impact Windows

Torsion Plastics can assist in the design and fabrication of aluminum and plastic components for impact windows.

Hardware and Accessories

Always have the right garage door hardware and accessories in-stock.

  • Hinges, Brackets, Sheaves and Straps
  • Drums and Cones
  • Pneumatic Safety Edge
  • Take Up Reels


Choose one of our standard garage door window grille options or tool up your own custom grille. Our grilles can be applied to the window in one of the following fashions:

  • Peel and stick
  • Removable
  • Grille Between Glass (GBG)

Glazing Beads

Improve the efficiency of your windows with Torsion Plastics’ full line of glazing beads. We offer a wide-range of mold types and sizes and our experts will help you determine the best material for your application.